0001 UTC 22 AUGUST 2020 TO 2400 UTC 23 AUGUST 2020 (48 hours or part thereof).
(Please note change of weekend out of respect for those who wish to commemorate VP day on 15 August)
Official List of Registrations - 2020 Total= 34

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QRZ callsign lookup:
Country Call Lighthouse Name ILLW No. QSL Route and other info. Web
Argentina LU6DM Faro Punta Medanos AR0012 Direct Web
Argentina LU9JMG Faro Stella Maris AR0020 Electronic only via web site Web
Australia VK3WI Williamstown Time Ball Tower AU0036 Buro Web
Australia VK4GHL  Grassy Hill Lighthouse, Cooktown AU0019  Buro (250th anniversary of Cook's visit to Cooktown)  
Australia VK5PBZ Cape Donington AU?? PO Box 2870 Port Lincoln, SA Web
Australia VK5PBZ Port Germein AU0069 PO Box 2870 Port Lincoln SA Web
Canada VE7IVN Scarlett Point CA0027 Direct. (Op is Senior Keeper of 12 years at Light)  
Denmark OV1LH Helnaes Fyr DK0020 Buro and LoTW Web
Denmark OZ / DL0GSH Nakkehoved Fyr DK0019 Via DJ4JI. (Other ops DL2AAE, DL3AAG)  
England GB2RL Roker Light UK0099 Buro  
England GB4WL Whitgift Lighthouse UK0113 e-QSL, LoTW   
England M0MJA Teignmouth (The Den) UK0182 Direct  
Finland OH1AH Uto FI0007 Buro Web
Germany DF0MF Lightship Amrumbank DE0059 Buro QRZ
Germany DK0MTR Old Upper Fire Lemwerder DE0124 Buro Web
Germany DK0RA Altenbruch Unterfeuer Old / Dicke Berta DE0050 Buro Web
Germany DL0DFF Nordmarsch DE0065 Buro. (Ops DL3HBZ, DL8HAL, DL5HAQ) QRZ
Germany DL0EL Eckwarden Oberfeuer DE0130 Buro  
Germany DL0EM Campen DE0048 Buro QRZ
Germany DL0EO Eckernfoerde New DE0005 Buro Web
Germany DL0PJ Norderney Island Lighthouse DE0055 Buro  
Germany DL0YLM Neuland DE0022 Buro  
Germany DL7AVZ Holtenau Nord DE0131 Buro. (Other op DD6ULF) Web
Germany DM2C Moritzburg DE0021 e-QSL, buro Web
Germany DM5C Westmarklesdorf DE0080 Buro Web
Netherlands PD0FSB Den Oever NL0041 Buro to PD0FSB Web
New Zealand ZL1LIG Cape Reinga NZ0020 ZL1PDT Web
New Zealand ZL6CC Cape Campbell NZ0001 Buro to ZL2KS or direct to PO Box 432 Blenheim NZ  
Nth Ireland MN0GKL Rue point Lighthouse UK0185 e-QSL, direct Web
Nth Ireland MN0GKL Rathlin West Lighthouse UK0217 e-QSL, direct "
Nth Ireland MN0GKL Rathlin East Lighthouse, Low and High UK0055-56 e-QSL, direct "
Puerto Rico KP3LH Faro Punta Tuna PR0008 Direct see web site Web
South Africa ZS0RR Roman Rock ZA0027 Via QSL Mgr PA2PGU, Rijn 7908 HR Hoogeveen Netherlands Web
South Africa ZS2B Great Fish Point ZA0024 Buro  

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